Lady Mural

There is a universe in her heart

a place so green and sweet

it could heal all

whose eyes lay upon it


And yet she keeps it tucked away

for those days

in which a fantasy is needed

a place she alone goes.


If only she knew

her fantasy

the world needs now

a gracious retreat

of comfort, coolness, beauty


bursting with kindness

for all who dare enter

or even

consider it


a possibility.


[mural: artist unknown]


There has to be darkness

and light to life.

And when that darkness

dampens the light,

a touch of whimsy

~ or  wee bit absurd ~

can tip the scale

from scary or stale

to delights of yet




The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

future is for dreamers


Believe in a little magic now and then.

believe in a little magic


I love the depths in darkness

and purity within what appears white…

But the saturation of color

makes my heart simply sing~

colorful fairytale