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Art Exhibit Opening Reception

Dream Life Designing is excited to announce the opening of MIDDLE WAY GALLERY – Art for Healthy and Joyful Living. And I am honored to be the first featured artist! There will be an Opening… Continue reading

They’re All Big Days, Honey

In the late 90s – transitioning from the youthful fun of my younger adult years into a stage of my life that left a lot to be desired, I began watching the show… Continue reading

Happy You, Happy Planet

Dream Life Designing is about creating a lifestyle. One where you are well, free and happy. One where your actions help make the world a better place. By knowing what matters to you and… Continue reading

Living Well = Aging Well

From the moment we’re conceived we are in fact getting older. The practice of living is also by default the practice of aging. And usually how we live affects how we age. So… Continue reading

Feeling at Home

What’s it like being or feeling at home, and what is home to you? I had a very strong sense of home when I was growing up, and I’ve been attempting to recreate… Continue reading

Committing to Your Bliss

I believe that our natural state is bliss (or at least contentment), but that so much gets in the way. However, it’s not all about eliminating the wrong things – as this isn’t always… Continue reading