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A Life of Integrity

One Wish for Your Life

‘Tis the Season

To bring on the bling!  

A Healing Lifestyle

[Good health comes from regularly balancing aspects of our lives such as our emotions, thoughts and habits.] Healing should be a way of life – if we really want to do it right… Continue reading

Do What Makes You Feel Good

Especially when you need it most.   In this case, it’s popcorn, Pinot and a Hallmark movie (I’m not ashamed to say). ; )

Cozy Fall Decor

  How to go from Halloween decor to Cozy-Fall decor? The pumpkins (preferably un-carved) can stay. Just up the ambiance lighting factor and start adding sparkly elements for the darker months to come.… Continue reading

Designing Dreamy Space

{By turning space into a sacred personal place, you are conspiring with the universe…} Creating magical, sacred, serene, inspiring, functional, or just plain pleasing space requires one thing mostly: A willingness to experiment.… Continue reading

A Little Rebellion…

… is good for the soul.

Seven Year Identity Itch

Getting older – Take it or leave it. Love it or lose it. Fight it or for goodness sake, just do it gracefully. There is at least one caveat to getting older, however:… Continue reading