Please Be the Change. Yes, You. Me too.

It is REALLY easy to have and to spew a LOT of OPINIONS. What is not so easy – but SO MUCH MORE BENEFICIAL – is to choose a cause that is close to… Continue reading

Boycott Anything That Doesn’t Make You Feel Good

What I really wanted to title this post was, ‘Boycott Ross Stores’.  But I realize that’s not just an opinion-based notion; it may also trivialize my point. So here’s how this came about.… Continue reading

One Big, Illogical, Crazy Dream

I am now motivated by one thing: The life I’ve always envisioned. It is not exactly the same thing as the life I’ve always consciously, intentionally dreamed of; the one in which I… Continue reading

A Touch More Beauty to the World

My artwork can now be found – and purchased in a variety of formats – at – Yay!

Spinning Life Lessons into Gold

Art Loves Heart

Art Show – June 13, 2015

Art Show: Into the Fairytale Photographic Art by Melanie Noel Light June 13, 2015 – 4-7pm Middle Way Gallery – 708 Alhambra Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95816

One Simple Equation

If it makes you happy, buy it. If it makes you happy, wear it. If it makes you happy, feel it. If it makes you happy, show it. If it makes you happy,… Continue reading

Let it Remain Empty

Especially when we don’t understand someone or something, it’s easy to fill in the blanks with all sorts of assumptions… But remaining open and non-judgmental is the best way to encourage something positive from… Continue reading

Purpose + Highest Good

I want to NURTURE, heal, restore, fortify hearts, minds, bodies, spirits. I have little ambition left for things that do not awaken my SPIRIT and enhance my purpose for being fully alive. I… Continue reading