Evolution Revolution

It can ALL be argued.   [original artwork: melanie noel light]

luminous things

…are best seen surrounded by darkness.   [Image from UpliftConnect.com]

heal & let go

Don’t just share that sad story, do something about it or tell us how we can help.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

“This is a dark time filled with suffering, as old systems and previous certainties come apart. Like living cells in a larger body, we feel the trauma of our world. It is natural… Continue reading

“Graceful” Aging

Feed the Soul

Have you found your soul place?

Courageous Living

Feeling lost at times is part of any great explorer’s journey.

Farm Fresh Life

The more I frequent farmers markets; farm, fruit and produce stands, the more appreciation I have for farmed goods and local freshness. I even starting canning (gasp) last year, having had no prior… Continue reading