The older I get the less “success” matters to me, and the more I want to make a difference.


I put some clothes on yesterday and went for a walk around my neighborhood.  I wasn’t walking very fast, but realized I was out of breath when my husband called and I had… Continue reading

Made in America? You (Should) Wish!

I never really gave the ‘Made in USA’ campaign that much thought. Sure, it seemed a fine idea to buy in-country-made products to help our nation, but it seemed more sentiment than anything… Continue reading

The Joy of Laundry?!

Whether the chore of laundry is a soothing, pleasant experience for you or painful act of carting things to and fro while playing the waiting game, there is  more to laundry than just… Continue reading

Presence & Grace

Tread lightly, but go always with your heart open.

A Little Tenderness

Try not to overreact – or underestimate the power of tenderness – in times of stress and confusion.

Kindred Spirits

Be at peace wherever you are, but be ready to act on your compassion as well.

My Dream Home

Today, I DARE to DAYDREAM about my greatest desires and not get lost in the details of ‘how’ or statistics of (un)probability… {Image from http://audreylovesparis.tumblr.com/}

A Whimsical Path

Certain IMAGES evoke a surrealism that EXPANDS the usual boundaries of my everyday thoughts… {image from http://sharonsantoni.com/}

Everyday Essence

A girl. In a GOWN. On a VELVET chair. In the COUNTRY. Surrounded by  ANIMALS. I could do this for a LIVING. {Image from Pinterest/Janet Glover}