I put some clothes on yesterday and went for a walk around my neighborhood.  I wasn’t walking very fast, but realized I was out of breath when my husband called and I had… Continue reading

Made in America? You (Should) Wish!

I never really gave the ‘Made in USA’ campaign that much thought. Sure, it seemed a fine idea to buy in-country-made products to help our nation, but it seemed more sentiment than anything… Continue reading

The Joy of Laundry?!

Whether the chore of laundry is a soothing, pleasant experience for you or painful act of carting things to and fro while playing the waiting game, there is  more to laundry than just… Continue reading

Presence & Grace

Tread lightly, but go always with your heart open.

A Little Tenderness

Try not to overreact – or underestimate the power of tenderness – in times of stress and confusion.

Kindred Spirits

Be at peace wherever you are, but be ready to act on your compassion as well.

My Dream Home

Today, I DARE to DAYDREAM about my greatest desires and not get lost in the details of ‘how’ or statistics of (un)probability… {Image from}

A Whimsical Path

Certain IMAGES evoke a surrealism that EXPANDS the usual boundaries of my everyday thoughts… {image from}

Everyday Essence

A girl. In a GOWN. On a VELVET chair. In the COUNTRY. Surrounded by  ANIMALS. I could do this for a LIVING. {Image from Pinterest/Janet Glover}

Living Well = Aging Well

From the moment we’re conceived we are in fact getting older. The practice of living is also by default the practice of aging. And usually how we live affects how we age. So… Continue reading