Serenity is only as far away as your imagination.

Are You Too Tame?

So are you going to go the SAFE Way? Or the WILD Way? Or can you perhaps balance the two? While we do sometimes manage to balance the two, this usually requires so much ‘management’ that… Continue reading

Dream Life List-Making

Wishes tend to be more powerful when they are written down or can be translated into images. This is why making lists and collecting visuals of things you desire are easy and enjoyable… Continue reading


Try to imagine your dreams without fear… If you’re going to play in the realm of possibility, might as well really get the ‘play’ thing down.


“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find… Continue reading

Delicate Little Universes

It’s no secret that I love animals, from big to small, furry to feathered, friendly to misunderstood. And when I say ‘animals’, I pretty much mean beings of all shapes and kinds. The… Continue reading

I Heart Art

Dream Life Designing just held its first art show at Middle Way Gallery in Sacramento on April 12, 2014. That night, 9 pieces of accessible, affordable art found happy homes! In discussing this… Continue reading

Some Things Don’t Need Words

Art Exhibit Opening Reception

Dream Life Designing is excited to announce the opening of MIDDLE WAY GALLERY – Art for Healthy and Joyful Living. And I am honored to be the first featured artist! There will be an Opening… Continue reading

Last Resort Life Plan

What’s your worst case scenario plan? You know, if everything in your life fell apart, what would you do? Ever since I was very little, I had this vision of a tiny chalet… Continue reading