Who’s Your Seafood Farmer?

Here’s the bad news: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/five-reasons-slaves-still-catch-your-seafood-n48796 Here’s the good news: We can do something about it. 1st step – Awareness 2nd step – Honest Dialogue & Creative Solutions 3rd step – Action, whether baby… Continue reading

Puppy Love and Lessons

On her blog, Burn Bright, Vanessa de la Rosa writes about 10 things she’s learned from her dog. Here’s my favorite, #10. 10. Get excited and say ‘Hi!’ to all things that are… Continue reading

Authentic Living Attracts Abundance

Why might it be that being as authentic as possible can actually make you more prosperous? Well, for starters, let’s not just think of money when it comes to prosperity. Let’s think about… Continue reading

Growing Healthier Futures

How about spending more of our money on things that grow, give back to us, and help – not hinder – the environment?! Just beware of using pesticides as they kill the birds… Continue reading

We are Divine

We are all made of earth, atmosphere, and stardust… So why do we sell ourselves so short?

They’re All Big Days, Honey

In the late 90s – transitioning from the youthful fun of my younger adult years into a stage of my life that left a lot to be desired, I began watching the show… Continue reading

Happy You, Happy Planet

Dream Life Designing is about creating a lifestyle. One where you are well, free and happy. One where your actions help make the world a better place. By knowing what matters to you and… Continue reading

Do Consider (Before Reacting)

“Do me a favor. Do yourselves a favor. Stop talking, and look. You’re not required to write a paper. You’re not even required to like it. You are required to consider it.” -Katherine… Continue reading

Do-No-Harm Lifestyles

How about designing one’s life to do no harm? Or at least as little harm as possible. So many people don’t hesitate to use chemicals on their lawns, trees, gardens… poisons on weeds,… Continue reading


The older I get the less “success” matters to me, and the more I want to make a difference.