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Apparel Irony

Why can I go to Target and not find certain essentials or go to Ross to find household goods, but the clothes are stacked to the brim and are so dang adorable?! Yet,… Continue reading

Dove at My Door

I always attract young birds – especially Hummingbirds. Young birds just seem to be less afraid… (There’s a message in that). But today, all of the sudden, I have a young Dove visiting… Continue reading

This crown’s for you, Julie

We lost an incredible, authentic human being and friend today from ALS. She had a heart of gold and I hope she’s wearing this crown now.

a little purification

Laughter was and still is the best medicine for the spirit! (Oh, and boil some bay leaves daily to purify your home).

Hang a Little Happiness

The Effervescence of Bliss

Finding Flow in Overwhelm

I’m sitting in my office with the window open on a beautiful and serene spring-like day… There is a blossom storm outside the window and I hear soft chimes ringing in the distance.… Continue reading