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Dove at My Door

I always attract young birds – especially Hummingbirds. Young birds just seem to be less afraid… (There’s a message in that). But today, all of the sudden, I have a young Dove visiting… Continue reading

This crown’s for you, Julie

We lost an incredible, authentic human being and friend today from ALS. She had a heart of gold and I hope she’s wearing this crown now.

a little purification

Laughter was and still is the best medicine for the spirit! (Oh, and boil some bay leaves daily to purify your home).

Hang a Little Happiness

The Effervescence of Bliss

Finding Flow in Overwhelm

I’m sitting in my office with the window open on a beautiful and serene spring-like day… There is a blossom storm outside the window and I hear soft chimes ringing in the distance.… Continue reading