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Inner & Outer Realms of Beauty

Beauty. It can attract so much attention at times… And others, appear to exist without the blinking of an eye.   But what resides in between the vastness of the two? And where… Continue reading

The Magical Season

Life as We Used to Know It

The notion that certain things just have to be experiences – rather than instant gratification moments – is something the Universe if trying very hard to teach me of late. This is a… Continue reading

Body like Mountain, Breath like Wind, Heart like Ocean, Mind like Sky

The reason people awaken is because they have finally stopped agreeing to things that insult their soul. ~ Anonymous

A Simple Smile, Act or Gesture…

luminous things

…are best seen surrounded by darkness.   [Image from]

“Graceful” Aging

Courageous Living

Feeling lost at times is part of any great explorer’s journey.

Wise Conundrums