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Earth and People in Harmony

Evolution Revolution

It can ALL be argued.   [original artwork: melanie noel light]

Courageous Living

Feeling lost at times is part of any great explorer’s journey.

What You Envy, You May Already Possess

It’s Always the Beginning of the World

It’s always the beginning of the world. Even if you don’t call yourself an artist, you have the potential to be a dynamic creator who is always hatching new plans, coming up with… Continue reading

The Rabbit Hole

There is a universe in her heart a place so green and sweet it could heal all whose eyes lay upon it   And yet she keeps it tucked away for those days… Continue reading

30 Day Boot Camp for Goals

Got a goal in mind but don’t know how to bring it to fruition? Consider a 30-day boot camp designed around manifesting this specific wish. It sounds so simple, but when you break… Continue reading

Be Both!

Keep on Dreamin’ On

  I think about my great desires for love and peace – how they sometimes keep me up at night, an impossible dream… And then I realize This longing is eternal, the make-up… Continue reading

Way Outside the Box

“Behind your back, your imaginary friends are plotting with your inner child to overthrow your guilty conscience. Meanwhile, your future self has time-traveled into the past to enlist the spirits of your ancestors… Continue reading