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Collective Grief and Uncertainty

We may all be feeling something like this right about now.

Message for the day: don’t be upset with yourself

Information: Over and Out

There’s so much information coming at me each and every day (some of which I signed up for, some I did not) that it can wrap itself around my neck a little too… Continue reading

Faith Challenged

The first thing that comes to mind is the reunion she must now be having… with a son lost to Vietnam, a husband gone now 25 years, another son slipping away – so… Continue reading

Use Your Powers for Good

Feeling Excitable?

Got nervous energy? Don’t try to tackle complex, overly-analytical tasks – You know, stuff that requires a lot of focused, patient, calm thinking… Instead, go for a quick walk/run/workout, or occupy yourself with… Continue reading

A Healing Lifestyle

[Good health comes from regularly balancing aspects of our lives such as our emotions, thoughts and habits.] Healing should be a way of life – if we really want to do it right… Continue reading

Just ‘Be’



Serenity is only as far away as your imagination.

Inner Peace

Be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.  ~Christian D. Larsen