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Do What Makes You Feel Good

Especially when you need it most.   In this case, it’s popcorn, Pinot and a Hallmark movie (I’m not ashamed to say). ; )

What is YOUR Reality?

  I did not create most of what exists in the world today, and some of this comes as a relief. But now it’s up to me to create more of what I… Continue reading

Visions of Eternity

I have a pastime that involves acquiring beautiful old things that awaken my spirit. It’s as if I’m hoping to reclaim something; Hoping to go back – or perhaps forward, sideways, or spiraling upside… Continue reading

Are You Too Tame?

So are you going to go the SAFE Way? Or the WILD Way? Or can you perhaps balance the two? While we do sometimes manage to balance the two, this usually requires so much ‘management’ that… Continue reading

Growing Healthier Futures

How about spending more of our money on things that grow, give back to us, and help – not hinder – the environment?! Just beware of using pesticides as they kill the birds… Continue reading

Happy You, Happy Planet

Dream Life Designing is about creating a lifestyle. One where you are well, free and happy. One where your actions help make the world a better place. By knowing what matters to you and… Continue reading

Do-No-Harm Lifestyles

How about designing one’s life to do no harm? Or at least as little harm as possible. So many people don’t hesitate to use chemicals on their lawns, trees, gardens… poisons on weeds,… Continue reading


I put some clothes on yesterday and went for a walk around my neighborhood.  I wasn’t walking very fast, but realized I was out of breath when my husband called and I had… Continue reading

Made in America? You (Should) Wish!

I never really gave the ‘Made in USA’ campaign that much thought. Sure, it seemed a fine idea to buy in-country-made products to help our nation, but it seemed more sentiment than anything… Continue reading

Everyday Essence

A girl. In a GOWN. On a VELVET chair. In the COUNTRY. Surrounded by  ANIMALS. I could do this for a LIVING. {Image from Pinterest/Janet Glover}