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Feed the Soul

Have you found your soul place? Advertisements

Courageous Living

Feeling lost at times is part of any great explorer’s journey.

Festival Life

Some festivals are pure magic ~ the purpose being to wander, gather, play, dance, eat, drink & be as merry as one can be for those magical, free-form moments in time.

Better to be a Fool than a Fool with Regret

Don’t let this be you when staring into the vastness of your yet un-lived life.

One Wish for Your Life

Are You Too Tame?

So are you going to go the SAFE Way? Or the WILD Way? Or can you perhaps balance the two? While we do sometimes manage to balance the two, this usually requires so much ‘management’ that… Continue reading

Puppy Love and Lessons

On her blog, Burn Bright, Vanessa de la Rosa writes about 10 things she’s learned from her dog. Here’s my favorite, #10. 10. Get excited and say ‘Hi!’ to all things that are… Continue reading

They’re All Big Days, Honey

In the late 90s – transitioning from the youthful fun of my younger adult years into a stage of my life that left a lot to be desired, I began watching the show… Continue reading