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Earth and People in Harmony

Stay Friendly

Many people seem to forget lately that smiling from a distance is not contagious in a bad way, but contagious in a good way (just like it always was).

Collective Grief and Uncertainty

We may all be feeling something like this right about now.

it is weird watching life go by

My husband, cat, and I are fortunate and grateful to have an amazing view from our home. Passed the large field with a million yellow flowers, we can see the Sierra Nevada mountains… Continue reading

Strange Days

Let’s get back to thriving soon, rather than just surviving… so that we can REALLY be together again.  

Feed the Soul

Have you found your soul place?

Courageous Living

Feeling lost at times is part of any great explorer’s journey.

Festival Life

Some festivals are pure magic ~ the purpose being to wander, gather, play, dance, eat, drink & be as merry as one can be for those magical, free-form moments in time.

Better to be a Fool than a Fool with Regret

Don’t let this be you when staring into the vastness of your yet un-lived life.

One Wish for Your Life