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A Healing Lifestyle

[Good health comes from regularly balancing aspects of our lives such as our emotions, thoughts and habits.] Healing should be a way of life – if we really want to do it right… Continue reading

Act Humanely

Knowledge, Compassion & Kindness vs. Willful Ignorance… Which is it going to be? We just can’t afford to say, ‘We don’t want to know’ any longer.

Beyond this Reality

Truth matters. And so do the creative ways we try to rise above what is squelching our potential.

Delicate Little Universes

It’s no secret that I love animals, from big to small, furry to feathered, friendly to misunderstood. And when I say ‘animals’, I pretty much mean beings of all shapes and kinds. The… Continue reading

Here’s a Grand Purpose!

Has it ever occurred to you, that wherever you are or go… you are the eyes, ears, and voice of the Universe… arms, legs, thoughts, feelings, dreams, actions and everything else, too? Try… Continue reading

Who’s Your Seafood Farmer?

Here’s the bad news: Here’s the good news: We can do something about it. 1st step – Awareness 2nd step – Honest Dialogue & Creative Solutions 3rd step – Action, whether baby… Continue reading

Authentic Living Attracts Abundance

Why might it be that being as authentic as possible can actually make you more prosperous? Well, for starters, let’s not just think of money when it comes to prosperity. Let’s think about… Continue reading