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Inner & Outer Realms of Beauty

Beauty. It can attract so much attention at times… And others, appear to exist without the blinking of an eye.   But what resides in between the vastness of the two? And where… Continue reading

Wise Conundrums

Nature Love

How many of us ever really give much thought to the concept of nature? I’ve always loved and been moved by nature, somehow feeling a smidgen of my highest self while immersed in… Continue reading

Do What You Love

The Rabbit Hole

There is a universe in her heart a place so green and sweet it could heal all whose eyes lay upon it   And yet she keeps it tucked away for those days… Continue reading

Serene Scene

The magic of the moment beckons me silently as slivers of sunlight dance horizontally upon my floor flames of warmth shoot up for the heavens twinkling lights appear still until I look away…… Continue reading

One Big, Illogical, Crazy Dream

I am now motivated by one thing: The life I’ve always envisioned. It is not exactly the same thing as the life I’ve always consciously, intentionally dreamed of; the one in which I… Continue reading

What Would Kunu Do?

Glittery Wonder

Always seek – and be determined to find – the silver lining. You may even discover more glittery wonder than you expected.

Soft Space

If I live solely in the world that’s literally around me – which also happens to be the one with all the perceived limitations – I will most likely not see, believe in,… Continue reading