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Cozy Fall Decor

  How to go from Halloween decor to Cozy-Fall decor? The pumpkins (preferably un-carved) can stay. Just up the ambiance lighting factor and start adding sparkly elements for the darker months to come.… Continue reading

Designing Dreamy Space

{By turning space into a sacred personal place, you are conspiring with the universe…} Creating magical, sacred, serene, inspiring, functional, or just plain pleasing space requires one thing mostly: A willingness to experiment.… Continue reading

What is YOUR Reality?

  I did not create most of what exists in the world today, and some of this comes as a relief. But now it’s up to me to create more of what I… Continue reading

Dream Life List-Making

Wishes tend to be more powerful when they are written down or can be translated into images. This is why making lists and collecting visuals of things you desire are easy and enjoyable… Continue reading

I Heart Art

Dream Life Designing just held its first art show at Middle Way Gallery in Sacramento on April 12, 2014. That night, 9 pieces of accessible, affordable art found happy homes! In discussing this… Continue reading

Art Exhibit Opening Reception

Dream Life Designing is excited to announce the opening of MIDDLE WAY GALLERY – Art for Healthy and Joyful Living. And I am honored to be the first featured artist! There will be an Opening… Continue reading

Last Resort Life Plan

What’s your worst case scenario plan? You know, if everything in your life fell apart, what would you do? Ever since I was very little, I had this vision of a tiny chalet… Continue reading

Here’s a Grand Purpose!

Has it ever occurred to you, that wherever you are or go… you are the eyes, ears, and voice of the Universe… arms, legs, thoughts, feelings, dreams, actions and everything else, too? Try… Continue reading

Inner Peace

Be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.  ~Christian D. Larsen

Puppy Love and Lessons

On her blog, Burn Bright, Vanessa de la Rosa writes about 10 things she’s learned from her dog. Here’s my favorite, #10. 10. Get excited and say ‘Hi!’ to all things that are… Continue reading