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Dream Castle

Go ahead and build that dream castle (with moat) by the water. When the roof finally collapses, you will have amazing views of the sun, moon and stars! #laketahoe #castle #tahoe #views #lakeside… Continue reading

Spark to Flame

“Knock yourself out, or just don’t bother.”

30 Day Boot Camp for Goals

Got a goal in mind but don’t know how to bring it to fruition? Consider a 30-day boot camp designed around manifesting this specific wish. It sounds so simple, but when you break… Continue reading

Be Both!

Design a Loving Life

Buy what you love. Wear what you love. Make what you love. Eat what you love. Love who you love. Be with who you love. Be who you love. Think loving thoughts. Feel… Continue reading

Dream Life Tools

Dream Life Designing can be simple…. or it can be multi-faceted. It depends on where you want to go with your life – how far, wide or deep. Here are just a few… Continue reading

One Simple Question

How do you want to feel in this moment? Serene, content, joyful, inspired…? If you can answer this one simple question from day to day, then you have the key to your very… Continue reading

Visions of Eternity

I have a pastime that involves acquiring beautiful old things that awaken my spirit. It’s as if I’m hoping to reclaim something; Hoping to go back – or perhaps forward, sideways, or spiraling upside… Continue reading

Are You Too Tame?

So are you going to go the SAFE Way? Or the WILD Way? Or can you perhaps balance the two? While we do sometimes manage to balance the two, this usually requires so much ‘management’ that… Continue reading

Dream Life List-Making

Wishes tend to be more powerful when they are written down or can be translated into images. This is why making lists and collecting visuals of things you desire are easy and enjoyable… Continue reading