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Welcome to DREAM LIFE DESIGNING ~ The Art of Living Well ~where I share tools for self-awareness, inspiration and authentic expression, which help you uncover your bliss and create a pathway to the life of your dreams!

Any Dream.

Any Stage.

Any Budget.

My name is Melanie and I am a Visionary Coach, Stylist & Interior Decorator~

With Dream Life Designing, I direct people toward mindful, physical and/or spiritual healing. I also help them enhance the quality and enjoyment of their lives while pursuing their greatest desires, dreams, wishes and visions.

I am available for affordable style-honing, home decorating, writing & awareness coaching, and dream life designing sessions. Current rates are $30 per hour, with project/package rates also available. Feel free to contact me at DreamLifeDesigning@gmail.com or via the form below.

For more on my services visit MiddleWayHealth.com. For more perspectives and philosophies on living visit www.MelanieNoelLight.com and Instagram.

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*I offer a variety of affordable, creative and supportive services all designed to bring out the best YOU in you and the best LIFE that life has to offer!


MENTORING & CONSULTING – Motivational & Spiritual Guidance for creating your DREAM LIFE.

WRITING & AWARENESS COACHING – Providing the simplest, easiest tools at your fingertips for igniting an IRRESISTIBLE LIFE.

STYLING – Personal Styling, Closet Care & Interior Decorating (Home or Office) so INSPIRATION is always at hand.


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