Life as We Used to Know It


The notion that certain things just have to be experiences – rather than instant gratification moments – is something the Universe if trying very hard to teach me of late.

This is a lesson I thought I had already learned. And yet, in this world of instant gratification opportunities, I may have gotten a little too used to the ‘We-supply-now-because-you-demand-now’ quality of certain aspects of our lives.

Yes, it’s mostly superficial, shallow and/or commercially-driven stuff. Who wouldn’t eventually get caught up in the lure of everything at your “virtual” fingertips?

I’ve been taking advantage of it just because I can. But it’s beginning to backfire in odd little ways, and coincidentally adding more stress to my daily life.

So the lesson for me is, I guess:



Choose an experience.

And commit to that process’ unfolding.

There’s no magic button, wand or command… just the good old fashioned qualities of





wait for it…


Ah, welcome to life as we used to know it.