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The more I frequent farmers markets; farm, fruit and produce stands, the more appreciation I have for farmed goods and local freshness. I even starting canning (gasp) last year, having had no prior interest in it before. So what changed my mind?

A heaping bag-full of tomatoes for $3.

‘How is a household of two going to eat all of these before they go to the dark side?’, I pondered…

Whip up some Tomato Soup

Make homemade Bloody Mary Mix

or Salsa

Make a big batch of Marinara Sauce (or any tomato sauce)

Cut them up and freeze them in small ziplocs for recipes

And when the freezer is full and there’s still more fresh food in your basket, learn to can. It’s quite simple and surprisingly rewarding.


Real, wholesome, farm-fresh food really does taste better. It’s also better for you, better for the community, and better for the environment. There’s a lot to love in that.