Information: Over and Out

flower farm truck

There’s so much information coming at me each and every day (some of which I signed up for, some I did not) that it can wrap itself around my neck a little too tightly at times. Every website I visit tries to get a hold of my email, and some even use it as collateral to enter. A lot of this ‘information’ is just someone else’s agenda; and is often (gasp) not entirely accurate information. It can even feel as if something is being shoved down my throat.

But information is a good thing, yes?

Often. Or maybe just sometimes. But definitely not always.

I appreciate how freely information – and especially knowledge – flows to and from us these days. Pretty much anything we need or want to know is at our fingertips (particularly with some discriminating consideration). But like anything, too much of this ‘thing’ can sometimes feel like too much. That is ~ stealing our serenity, focus, or all-too-rare peace of mind.

If you’re like me and you need a little more ‘space’ around your information (stimulation), draw up your own boundaries. Take the time to figure out what, from whom, and when you want to accept and immerse in said information. Get rid of the stuff that’s just clogging up your literal and metaphorical inbox(es).

Now, as someone who shares and sends information myself… I might be shooting myself in my own foot here. But I don’t really think so. Because I want to touch those who generally feel inspired, empowered and invigorated by my essence, not annoy those residing in another mental ‘zip code’ altogether. And I believe that being true to ourselves – even with the little stuff – is pretty powerful stuff.

Find your tribes, your support systems, your passions… and get rid of (or properly manage) the rest. Start by deleting information that you didn’t ask for or doesn’t move you. Then stop, and take a deep breath within that newly expanded wiggle room of yours.