Nature Love

Auburn Blossoms

How many of us ever really give much thought to the concept of nature?

I’ve always loved and been moved by nature, somehow feeling a smidgen of my highest self while immersed in the Big Mama’s majesty. 

But it wasn’t until today that I put it together: Nature IS Life.

There is no better example of life at its purest than even the tiniest fleck of natural existence. That is, not man-made or manipulated by human hands.

Admittedly, I am awed by some of the worlds we create with a mighty combination of imagination, effort and perseverence. But often we lose sight of life in its simplest terms.

Air to breathe, beauty to behold, creatures to gaze upon… and that subtle little thrill you sometimes catch upon inhaling,

‘Ah, I am alive.’

So what are you consciously going to do with the exhale?