30 Day Boot Camp for Goals

Pastel Bouquet

Got a goal in mind but don’t know how to bring it to fruition? Consider a 30-day boot camp designed around manifesting this specific wish.

It sounds so simple, but when you break it down this way – with an end result in mind and a set time in which to do it – it just seems that much more do-able.

For example, say I would like to feel better physically, be healthier and more fit… Sure, I know I should then eat better, drink less, work out more, etc… And yet, why is it so hard to do on a regular basis?

Simply making a contract with myself to ‘practice’ doing these things for 30 days seems less daunting, more tangible and practical; and will most likely establish healthier habits from there on out by rewarding my efforts with feeling good! Because now my ongoing behaviors are associated with, reinforced from, and encouraged by the very things I wanted in the first place (with added perks), such as a leaner body, clearer skin, increased energy, strengthened immunity and greater overall wellbeing.

Lofty dreams are great to have, but setting goals – along with a plan of attack and starting date – bring those dreams down to earth where we can wholly and happily inhabit them.