Faith Challenged

Grama J

The first thing that comes to mind

is the reunion she must now be having…

with a son lost to Vietnam,

a husband gone now 25 years,

another son slipping away – so very far away –

but not so long ago.


And then someone asks, “Are you sure? How do you know?”

You see, she wants so badly

to believe me.


So I analyze it – and without grounds –

realize I cannot ‘know’… and so begin to



“But… but, her Spirit is so great!

there is no way

she does not exist

at least somewhere other than here.”


This does not satisfy the masses

my illogical attempt at faith.

But for those whose faith is not inborn or unwavering,

and for those who someday realize their mind is held captive by demanding thoughts…

well, it is the best I can do

in a time like this.


Hold onto the Spirit,

let go of the rest.