Boycott Anything That Doesn’t Make You Feel Good

consumer power

What I really wanted to title this post was, ‘Boycott Ross Stores’. 

But I realize that’s not just an opinion-based notion; it may also trivialize my point.

So here’s how this came about. A respected friend on Facebook recently commented about how Ross Stores are now having us take our own receipt from the machine, rather than handing it directly to us like the days of old. While this may seem a piddly complaint, it’s only part of a growing lack-of-customer-service problem. And Ross is just one business flushing friendly people skills and manners down the drain. 

Personally, I have very recently experienced this “take your own receipt” phenomenon at Ross. What I’ve been experiencing for a lot longer, however, is the ‘Hurry up and move along so we can get the next customer herded in and out’ kind of behavior that causes me to fumble with my cash, receipt, wallet and purchase while the next in line breathes down my neck and pushes me toward the exit sign.

This happens at various places, but consistently – again – at Ross. And it makes me feel bad. But I keep going back because they’ve got some cute stuff, and hey, it’s affordable.

So I realize that makes me a bit of a sell out. Too concerned with cheap stuff from China to mind that I’m financing the whole soul-less business of corporate-greed-and-consumer-crap every time I shop someplace that makes me feel less than worthy.

Honestly, a significant part of me knows this is happening… but I try to ignore it in the attempt to simplify my life, in an attempt to cover up the fact that all is not well in our society, hearts and minds.

If I were to go the other way, on the other hand – becoming more outspoken and assertive about what I feel is ailing us – Well, that’s always a surefire way to lose friends and alienate oneself.

So is there a middle ground for me at this point? Maybe just put my money where my integrity is and not worry about convincing others to do the same.

Since I don’t think too many people read this blog – and my epiphany alone is serving a purpose – maybe my mission has just been accomplished!

bE kInD aNd rEwArD kInDnEsS iN rEtUrN~