One Big, Illogical, Crazy Dream

soul calling

I am now motivated by one thing: The life I’ve always envisioned.

It is not exactly the same thing as the life I’ve always consciously, intentionally dreamed of; the one in which I laid out practical ideals and ways in which to get there.

While this new sole motivation is still fueled by desire and will require my unwavering faith in it, it is a higher vision, a higher calling, a deeper longing; one that it seems my soul has always known existed…. and waited patiently for.

In that place beyond human doubt and limitation.

My soul is leading me to a place that’s always felt like home, but my mind has long questioned.

While I don’t know where or when or how, the ‘why’ is fulfilled when I imagine my spirit – once and for all – settling back where it belongs and soaring therein. 

This desire is big, lofty, almost random-seeming, and that is why I have not given it much power before. But my soul is getting restless, tired of me being so logical and practical all the time; tiring of the safe, mundane ways in which so many of us go about our lives. She is not scolding or punishing me, but is simply eager to bust out of the confines of limited thinking and living.

She takes my hand and asks to take the lead… 

So I take a deep breath

and with her begin

dancing deep within

that magical realm~