One Simple Question

dream life designing

How do you want to feel in this moment?

Serene, content, joyful, inspired…?

If you can answer this one simple question from day to day, then you have the key to your very own happiness.

What comes next is figuring out any or all ways in which you could inspire this feeling you desire.

If you would like to feel a sense of freedom, for instance, and images of say, Santorini, Greece come to mind, you could certainly plan a trip, and that plan in motion will very likely help ignite feelings of freedom. But if an exotic, faraway trip is not in the cards for you, there are a lot of other ways to “fake” it. 

Buy a poster of the image that inspires you, frame it nicely, and hang it someplace prominent. Or collect inspiring images on Pinterest or Instagram. Perhaps paint and decorate a room or patio in crisp white and cool blue… Rent a movie set in Greece, or think of some more accessible place that gives you the same feelings of freedom and exhilaration.

For me, simply viewing images of what I desire and/or making a list of ways in which I could create that feeling in my life is enough to invite it to come rushing in.

It’s about first identifying how you want to feel and then making space in your heart and mind for it… While setting an intention to achieve it and acting on your instincts or muse’s whims. In this way, you just shifted your energy and emotions to a more pleasant state, making you the amazing master of your own moment-to-moment fate.

Well done!