Visions of Eternity

dream life designing

I have a pastime that involves acquiring beautiful old things that awaken my spirit. It’s as if I’m hoping to reclaim something; Hoping to go back – or perhaps forward, sideways, or spiraling upside down – to a more enchanting time. 

I believe in a simple but rich way of living, where every single thing that surrounds me has meaning, evokes a sense of wonder and magic, comforts me in knowing I am being true to who I am deep down and in a timeless manner – not who I’m ‘supposed’ to be in this place and time as told to me by others.

But curiously, next to all my images of beautiful things, places and experiences I have images of abandoned, echoing, crumbling things as well. And I wonder what this juxtaposition is about – pairing colorful, polished, flourishing life with faded, cracked, forgotten places tugging at my share of our collective consciousness.

I realize this life is fleeting and I’m fascinated not just with the abundance at our fingertips, but also with the imprints we leave behind. How can there be so much life in one moment, and none the next? It’s as if I still sense the essence and yearn to know it. I mourn the distance but celebrate what remains – whether what remains is merely imagined by me or just hiding beyond some intangible wall.

I’m moved by possibility, for within it lies creation. I think we can create anything we want, really, including the kind of life we truly desire, as well as… well, possibly… the kind of afterlife we desire.

Doesn’t everything in a sense come down to life and death? I’m always trying to make sense of it. Or find wonder in it. Maybe at this point, wonder is best. It keeps me guessing, dreaming, feeling beyond my wildest imagination. What’s out there? What’s in here? I’m intrigued with the depths of people, the souls of animals, the boundlessness of this life and beyond. I don’t know where it all ends. I think as long as we have wonder, there’s always going to be a vitality to existence. And that to me is thrilling – to feel eternity and know we can shape it. It’s a long shot – the actual ‘knowing’ – but the more I delve, the more I feel, and the deeper I feel, the more I ‘know’. In the least, it enriches this life for me.

But if when I someday die I do not wake up in an even more magical place with even more amazing things to be in awe over, I will be mighty surprised. ; )