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Dream Life Designing's Art of Expression

Dream Life Designing’s Art of Expression

Dream Life Designing just held its first art show at Middle Way Gallery in Sacramento on April 12, 2014. That night, 9 pieces of accessible, affordable art found happy homes!

In discussing this with my husband Tom, we realized that this end result – people having an emotional reaction to art – is to a large extent what it’s all about.

Of course, creating the art in the first place is quite significant; the simple  act of expressing oneself freely is boldness in graceful action. 

But then you have to put it out here (if you want or are forced to in my case). ; )

It can be scary, I know. But the greatest reward so far has been seeing and feeling the emotion from those who have truly loved something I created. My art made them happy. Something in me connected with them and a stream of bliss was born.

Not to mention, my approach to creating art might just have inspired someone… Pretty powerful stuff.