Last Resort Life Plan

last resort life plan

What’s your worst case scenario plan? You know, if everything in your life fell apart, what would you do?

Ever since I was very little, I had this vision of a tiny chalet in the Swiss Alps. I have  no idea why this picture, why these details came to mind as my last-resort-shot-at-life plan, but the image has always conjured feelings of a peaceful respite from all of life’s tangled webs.  

As a kid I used to wonder, what could be so bad that you felt you had no other choice than to find some way to thrive within the surviving? But then, I’ve always had a silver-lining, let’s-figure-a-way-out-of-this kind of outlook.

Now, if all the chips are down but my health and sanity, these two things, alas, are powerful allies. This doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that a chalet in the Alps – or run down shack, for that matter – is really going to be a feasible option. 

But within the vision is a message of survival, and example of what keeps us going in the midst of truly troubling woes.

At its simplest – and possibly most profound too – I see flowers, a meadow, and fresh, invigorating air. And why not start there – someplace accessible, calming, and possibly even in the long run… rejuvenating.