Finding Flow in Overwhelm

flow in overwhelm

I’m sitting in my office with the window open on a beautiful and serene spring-like day… There is a blossom storm outside the window and I hear soft chimes ringing in the distance. All is well, and yet… I have this nagging feeling… I’m unable to concentrate on much… I don’t know how or what to tackle next…

I sit for a moment within the melody of wind and rhythm and the whirling ‘round of perfect little white petals, wondering what this is I’m feeling… When it comes to my mind and nestles like a gentle, friendly reminder. ‘You are feeling overwhelmed.’

I know it to be true; that even the good things in our lives can overwhelm our sensitive natures when there just seems too much on the plate, too much to digest, too much to consider. So I try to write, but can’t get through the static. I attempt a project by hand, but even that feels off. I begin to purge and realize my mind is not clear enough for such important decision making…

So I sit. Beneath the window. Feeling the softness of couch and carpet beneath me. I breathe in the beauty of this comfort. The beauty of this freedom. The beauty of this clarity, this knowing and this acceptance. For all will fall into place in time, and I am but a blissful moment or two or as-long-as-it-takes away from getting my usual groove back.