Who’s Your Seafood Farmer?

Slavery for Seafood?

Slavery for Seafood?

Here’s the bad news:


Here’s the good news:

We can do something about it.

1st step – Awareness

2nd step – Honest Dialogue & Creative Solutions

3rd step – Action, whether baby steps or leaps and bounds

As citizens, as decent, intelligent people, we have to start caring about this stuff and getting involved. The topic could be anything; the begging point is that there are too many criminally inhumane things going on under our noses.

I had no clue this was happening… But then, I have learned a lot of hard-to-swallow stuff in the past few months because I can’t/won’t bury my head in the sand any longer. The empowerment comes from us first knowing what’s going on and admitting that IT’S NOT OK.

[Lookie, I just went from step 1 to step 2 in a matter of minutes. And you can bet I’ll be thinking about step 3.]