Authentic Living Attracts Abundance

truth, authenticity breeds success

Why might it be that being as authentic as possible can actually make you more prosperous?

Well, for starters, let’s not just think of money when it comes to prosperity. Let’s think about a frig full of healthy food, an un-leaky roof over your head and soft warm bed to lie in, kind people and sweet creatures to love…

Imagine what having plenty of money would afford you; what it would be like living exactly the way you want from day to day… Your wishes may be even simpler than you at first realize.

Now back to the authenticity part. Could it be that Truth Creates or Inspires Money? 

It certainly and unfortunately seems true that deceit and greed can make money appear, but we’re not those kinds of people. On the other hand, if one opposite exists – greed attracting wealth – so must the other.

So let’s play around with the concept of authentic living attracting success. 

If I put much of my energy into knowing who I am, what I want, and how I want to positively affect the world, I will begin to practice expressing my innermost desires in constructive, creative ways. Soon I will be living as freely as possible and presenting my most authentic self to those I meet. Not only will I be true to myself, I will be communicating honestly with others; bringing no hidden agendas or barriers to the table~

Now, to a fellow decent human being, this will be refreshing, admirable and inspiring. Thus, if I am offering services, they will be more likely to partake in them. If I am selling something, it will be that much easier to sell. If I desire something from them, they may very well now desire something from me too. It is a respectful, growth-oriented, mutually-beneficial relationship. No fear or coercion necessary. 

And the Universe? Well, it’s pretty stoked too. Because what the universe wants most is for there to be lots of life, and for all that life to thrive. So it can’t help but join the fun, bringing its own bag of confetti to the table and spreading some of its own authentic magic. 

If you can’t beat ’em and you don’t want to join them, start your own Fun Club!