Feeling at Home

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Dream Life Designing Decorating

What’s it like being or feeling at home, and what is home to you? I had a very strong sense of home when I was growing up, and I’ve been attempting to recreate it ever since. But I’ve also learned that ‘home’ is a feeling or state of being that you take with you wherever you go. It’s the sense that you are safe, the belief that you deserve to be comfortable, and the hope that you are around kindred spirits.                

Home – or the feeling of being right where you belong – doesn’t always create or sustain itself, however. Do you put any effort into creating the sense of home that will care for and replenish you? Or are you disconnected from ‘home’? Being so can cause chronic bouts of insecurity or anxiety, lack of confidence or direction, disconnection, apathy and even depression.

Hopefully you have a place to call home. So what do you do while you’re there? Do you put any effort into making it feel like home? Home can start out really small – in the heart – and then it grows to encompass you, your surroundings and your experiences. It’s not an analytical process; You can re-acquaint with the feeling of home by exploring memories and letting your intuition be the guide. Then just follow your instincts about what you can do to manifest this feeling into your surroundings.

For instance, when I was quite young I learned the power of ambiance; Lighting, temperature, décor and comfort are all key elements in creating an inviting atmosphere. Then there are the house chores. We have to actually do them in order to keep home uncluttered, running smoothly, and prone to pleasant ambiance.  An attractive, comfortable, well-kept space is always so much more inviting, welcoming and soothing than a cold, empty, disheveled corner of the world. Balance and repetition are also key. Keep returning to how you want to feel. Infuse it into your being, your home, your activities and your work.

Once home, practice being fully present while you’re there. If you’re doing the above things often enough- keeping a house and sense of home that appeals to you and supports you – it’s bringing you to the present moment and making you one with your surroundings. If you’re just using home as a  crash pad, on the other hand, you may be lacking a solid foundation that contributes to our sense of stability.

Home can be very unique and very personal to each person, and yet, there’s a communal quality to it as well. What happens at home affects our jobs and our relationships. It affects how we interact with the rest of the world. What happens elsewhere also affects our home life, and hopefully there are people “at home” (or within reach) with whom to share our challenges and triumphs.

Carrying ‘home’ in your heart and putting ‘heart’ in your home makes people and places more soulful. And soul attracts all sorts of good stuff. But we have to continually re-home and re-explore ourselves and our surroundings or else a constant disconnect will take place. So if you’re feeling a little out of sorts lately, you might want to assess the state of your home life. If it’s already your little oasis, why not spend a little more time there – being nurtured, getting centered and feeling renewed. Because we all deserve to feel at home.