Committing to Your Bliss

Dream Life Designing Vision Board

Dream Life Designing ‘LOVE’ Vision Board

I believe that our natural state is bliss (or at least contentment), but that so much gets in the way. However, it’s not all about eliminating the wrong things – as this isn’t always immediately possible – but also incorporating what does make us happy.

Happiness, believe it or not, is actually useful; it helps us clarify what we really want and how to go about getting it. The rest tends to just fall away because we’ve put our greatest life priorities in perspective.

Today, put aside what you’re worried about or dreading. First think about how you want to feel and what would make you happy right now. Make a list of things you want to do. Make a list of things you must do. Let go of what is not necessary or joy-giving. Then get the musts out of the way so you’re no longer dreading them, and voila, you’re free. Or at least freer than you were before. 

It starts with one moment – that moment you remind yourself to commit to your bliss. From there, the good vibes serve as both reward and reminder to reaffirm this commitment more often… thereby creating your own dream life.