Apparel Irony

Why can I go to Target and not find certain essentials or go to Ross to find household goods, but the clothes are stacked to the brim and are so dang adorable?! Yet,… Continue reading

Dream Castle

Go ahead and build that dream castle (with moat) by the water. When the roof finally collapses, you will have amazing views of the sun, moon and stars! #laketahoe #castle #tahoe #views #lakeside… Continue reading

Earth and People in Harmony

Dove at My Door

I always attract young birds – especially Hummingbirds. Young birds just seem to be less afraid… (There’s a message in that). But today, all of the sudden, I have a young Dove visiting… Continue reading

Stay Friendly

Many people seem to forget lately that smiling from a distance is not contagious in a bad way, but contagious in a good way (just like it always was).

Collective Grief and Uncertainty

We may all be feeling something like this right about now.

it is weird watching life go by

My husband, cat, and I are fortunate and grateful to have an amazing view from our home. Passed the large field with a million yellow flowers, we can see the Sierra Nevada mountains… Continue reading

This crown’s for you, Julie

We lost an incredible, authentic human being and friend today from ALS. She had a heart of gold and I hope she’s wearing this crown now.

Surrender to whatever you feel you need to

Message for the day: don’t be upset with yourself