Delicate Little Universes

It’s no secret that I love animals, from big to small, furry to feathered, friendly to misunderstood. And when I say ‘animals’, I pretty much mean beings of all shapes and kinds. The… Continue reading

I Heart Art

Dream Life Designing just held its first art show at Middle Way Gallery in Sacramento on April 12, 2014. That night, 9 pieces of accessible, affordable art found happy homes! In discussing this… Continue reading

Some Things Don’t Need Words

Art Exhibit Opening Reception

Dream Life Designing is excited to announce the opening of MIDDLE WAY GALLERY – Art for Healthy and Joyful Living. And I am honored to be the first featured artist! There will be an Opening… Continue reading

Last Resort Life Plan

What’s your worst case scenario plan? You know, if everything in your life fell apart, what would you do? Ever since I was very little, I had this vision of a tiny chalet… Continue reading

Here’s a Grand Purpose!

Has it ever occurred to you, that wherever you are or go… you are the eyes, ears, and voice of the Universe… arms, legs, thoughts, feelings, dreams, actions and everything else, too? Try… Continue reading

Inner Peace

Be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.  ~Christian D. Larsen

Finding Flow in Overwhelm

I’m sitting in my office with the window open on a beautiful and serene spring-like day… There is a blossom storm outside the window and I hear soft chimes ringing in the distance.… Continue reading

Who’s Your Seafood Farmer?

Here’s the bad news: Here’s the good news: We can do something about it. 1st step – Awareness 2nd step – Honest Dialogue & Creative Solutions 3rd step – Action, whether baby… Continue reading

Puppy Love and Lessons

On her blog, Burn Bright, Vanessa de la Rosa writes about 10 things she’s learned from her dog. Here’s my favorite, #10. 10. Get excited and say ‘Hi!’ to all things that are… Continue reading