Your Smile = Priceless

Being happy ~ really letting yourself feel the joy ~ is like gratitude candy for the Universe. No flowers, balloons or ‘Thank You’ cards necessary.

Love Where You Live

Modest Beauty = Beauty in Moderation

  Vanity may not be that attractive… but honesty is, and often trumps all the rest anyway.

Bring Back Our Sun

They have coated the sky with unnatural cloud wisps again… Does anyone notice? Or are we too roboticized, traumatized, or fill-in-the-blank “ized” to care? Positive thoughts are powerful… when the emotion fits. Fits… Continue reading

Magical Home

A Life of Integrity

One Wish for Your Life

‘Tis the Season

To bring on the bling!  

A Healing Lifestyle

[Good health comes from regularly balancing aspects of our lives such as our emotions, thoughts and habits.] Healing should be a way of life – if we really want to do it right… Continue reading

Do What Makes You Feel Good

Especially when you need it most.   In this case, it’s popcorn, Pinot and a Hallmark movie (I’m not ashamed to say). ; )