Serene Scene

The magic of the moment beckons me silently as slivers of sunlight dance horizontally upon my floor flames of warmth shoot up for the heavens twinkling lights appear still until I look away…… Continue reading

Faith Challenged

The first thing that comes to mind is the reunion she must now be having… with a son lost to Vietnam, a husband gone now 25 years, another son slipping away – so… Continue reading

A Little Enchantment Illuminates the Dark Spaces Within

Festival Life

Some festivals are pure magic ~ the purpose being to wander, gather, play, dance, eat, drink & be as merry as one can be for those magical, free-form moments in time.

The Good Life

Be Both!

Joy is Powerful

{Personally, I love this perspective. But on a side note, I would love to take this into a classroom and openly discuss it with the students. More may come up than meets the… Continue reading

Please Be the Change. Yes, You. Me too.

It is REALLY¬†easy to have and to spew a LOT of OPINIONS. What is not so easy – but SO MUCH MORE BENEFICIAL – is to choose a cause that is close to… Continue reading

Boycott Anything That Doesn’t Make You Feel Good

What I really wanted to title this post was, ‘Boycott Ross Stores’.¬† But I realize that’s not just an opinion-based notion; it may also trivialize my point. So here’s how this came about.… Continue reading

One Big, Illogical, Crazy Dream

I am now motivated by one thing: The life I’ve always envisioned. It is not exactly the same thing as the life I’ve always consciously, intentionally dreamed of; the one in which I… Continue reading