Soft Space

If I live solely in the world that’s literally around me – which also happens to be the one with all the perceived limitations – I will most likely not see, believe in,… Continue reading

Kind Quotes

“I’m not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it.” ~Erica Cook

Design a Loving Life

Buy what you love. Wear what you love. Make what you love. Eat what you love. Love who you love. Be with who you love. Be who you love. Think loving thoughts. Feel… Continue reading

Dream Life Tools

Dream Life Designing can be simple…. or it can be multi-faceted. It depends on where you want to go with your life – how far, wide or deep. Here are just a few… Continue reading

follow your intrigue

One Simple Question

How do you want to feel in this moment? Serene, content, joyful, inspired…? If you can answer this one simple question from day to day, then you have the key to your very… Continue reading

Act Humanely

Knowledge, Compassion & Kindness vs. Willful Ignorance… Which is it going to be? We just can’t afford to say, ‘We don’t want to know’ any longer.

Eternal Bloom Series

I am honored to have been given a ‘permanent’ wall at the Middle Way Gallery, and for my 2nd exhibit (and 1st on the permanent wall), I have a series of photographic art… Continue reading

What is YOUR Reality?

  I did not create most of what exists in the world today, and some of this comes as a relief. But now it’s up to me to create more of what I… Continue reading

Beyond this Reality

Truth matters. And so do the creative ways we try to rise above what is squelching our potential.